Our Medicare Supplement Tools


Medicare Supplement Toolkit (BETA) comes with a built in CRM so that you can easily track and record your sales. Save quotes, take notes, and view monthly, quarterly, and annual sales statistics.

We work with The Compliancy Group to ensure full and ongoing HIPAA compliance.

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Drug Lookup

Need to quickly lookup a drug or combination of drugs? The drug lookup tool is a quick and easy alternative to the quoter and underwriter. Lookup combinations of drugs and receive a list of companies and the coverage available given your client's drug combinations.

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Health Cheat Sheet

Need to know where to place a condition or combination of conditions? The health cheat sheet is a fast way to check underwriting parameters on a variety of health conditions while also providing the reason why conditions yield the results they do.

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With Medicare Supplement Toolkit (BETA) you can quote, underwrite, and store your prospects all on one platform. Enter your prospect's information and let Medicare Supplement Toolkit (BETA) take care of the rest; our software will return a list of companies your client qualifies for along with other information to help you make the sale.

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