Privacy Policy

Data Logged

When signing up for InsuranceToolkits, you provide different identifiable information such as name and email. InsuranceToolkits stores this information in our database for later reference. InsuranceToolkits also collects credit card information but does not store it. InsuranceToolkits uses a third party payment processor (Stripe) which takes care of securely storing card information.

In order to help us better understand how people use InsuranceToolkits, we use a number of analytics tools in order to track user behavior. To track site traffic InsuranceToolkits uses Google Analytics.


InsuranceToolkits uses a temporary cookie to authenticate logged in users. This is not used to track any activity outside of or


InsuranceToolkits will abide by a valid subpoena request, however, each legal request is scrutinized for valid intent in regards to the law. InsuranceToolkits will make all attempts, when valid and possible, to inform the User of the request so that they have the opportunity to object to it. Any unconstitutional request will be denied.


By using InsuranceToolkits you consent to the policies listed above.