An underwriting, quoting, CRM, and sales software tool suite designed for Final Expense insurance agents.

Take the stress out of selling

Let's face it, being a Final Expense insurance agent is tough. Being agents ourselves, we know the challenges of what it's like to sell in the field, over the phone, or online, so we designed FexToolkit to make however you sell just a bit less difficult. Whether you are looking for help at the point-of-sale to close down more prospects, increase your average premium, or if you simply want help to be able to underwrite more efficiently, we are here to help.

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Gain a leg up

Whether it be in regards to selling, quoting, or any other aspect of the profession, you've always been told that the Fex business is 'black & white', right? Whether it be multi-use medications, niche carriers with tricky underwriting, or COVID-19 changing your business model, many of us can attest that the industry is not always so simple. Not to mention, the competitive nature of the industry means you always have to stay on top of your game. FexToolkit is here to give you that edge you need to stay ahead.

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Carriers We Support

AIG (GIWL) (Guaranteed Issue)
Aetna (Protection Series)
Aetna (Protection Series) (MT)
Aflac (Final Expense)
American Amicable (American Guardian)
American Amicable (American Legacy)
American Amicable (Dignity Solutions)
American Amicable (Family Choice)
American Amicable (Family Protector Family Plan)
American Amicable (Family Protector Legacy Plan)
American Amicable (Family Solution)
American Amicable (Golden Solution)
American Amicable (Innovative Choice)
American Amicable (Innovative Solutions)
American Amicable (Peace of Mind Family Plan)
American Amicable (Peace of Mind NC)
American Amicable (Peace of Mind)
American Amicable (Platinum Solution Family Plan)
American Amicable (Platinum Solution Legacy Plan)
American Amicable (Senior Choice)
American Home Life (GuideStar 0-44)
American Home Life (GuideStar 45+)
American Home Life (Patriot Series)
Americo (Eagle)
Baltimore Life (Silver Guard)
Baltimore Life (aPriority 0-49)
Baltimore Life (aPriority 50+)
CFG (Dignified Choice)
CVS (Aetna Accendo)
CVS (Aetna Accendo) (MT)
Christian Fidelity
Elco (Silver Eagle)
Family Benefit Life (Simplified Issue)
First Guaranty
Foresters (BrightFuture)
Foresters (PlanRight)
Gerber (Grow Up Plan)
Gerber (Guaranteed Issue)
Great Western (Assurance)
Great Western (CA)
Guarantee Trust Life (Heritage Plan)
KSKJ (Final Expense)
Lafayette Life
Liberty Bankers (SIMPL)
Lifeshield (Survivor)
Lincoln Heritage
Mountain Life
Mutual of Omaha (Children's Whole Life)
Mutual of Omaha (Living Promise)
Occidental Life (American Guardian)
Occidental Life (American Legacy)
Occidental Life (Dignity Solutions)
Occidental Life (Family Choice)
Occidental Life (Family Protector Family Plan)
Occidental Life (Family Protector Legacy Plan)
Occidental Life (Family Solution)
Occidental Life (Golden Solution)
Occidental Life (Innovative Choice)
Occidental Life (Innovative Solutions)
Occidental Life (Peace of Mind Family Plan)
Occidental Life (Peace of Mind NC)
Occidental Life (Peace of Mind)
Occidental Life (Platinum Solution Family Plan)
Occidental Life (Platinum Solution Legacy Plan)
Occidental Life (Senior Choice)
Oxford (Assurance)
Pekin (Final Expense)
Prosperity (New Vista)
Prosperity (PrimeTerm to 100)
Prosperity (Vista Premier)
Royal Arcanum (Graded Benefit)
Royal Arcanum (SIWL)
Royal Arcanum (Whole Life)
Royal Neighbors (Simplified Issue)
SBLI (Golden Promise)
SBLI (Living Legacy)
Security National (Security Care)
Security National (Simple Security)
Sentinel (New Vantage)
Sons of Norway (Guaranteed Issue)
Sons of Norway (SIWL)
Standard Life (Secure Advantage)
Transamerica (Immediate Solution)
Trinity Life (Simplified Issue)
TruStage (Final Expense)
UHL (Express Issue)

More carriers coming soon!

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